Wednesday, July 29, 2009


23 Things enlightened me to a world of technology. Now I have an know what is meant by Twitter, Facebook, Podcast and Blogging all of which I had heard of, but now I know what they are speaking about. I has been a great experience work with 23 things for I have learned some much and can do a lot more that just log onto the internet. My favorite things were Flickr, Facebook, Flickr Mashup, Delicious, Google Doc and Instant Messaging. All of them once I learned what was going on with them I was able to work with them and enjoy them. Google Doc is one that I really want to get the hang of because it easier to share a doc than to attach and I liked working with it. My least favorites were "Twitter" and "Diggs". Twitter takes too much time for me at this point and Diggs I never could get into, password was accepted but it would not let me into Diggs?? but at a later date they may prove to be quite helpful. I think some of the things would prove to be helpful in the library system such as Ning, Google Doc and Podcasting.
I made it through the 23 Things, it may not have learned or achieved as much in some areas, but now I am more knowledgeable about a lot of the new 2.0 than I was before I took on the 23 Things challenge, it was a challenge for me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing 22

With my experience doing the 23 things, I think the Flickr, Facebook, Ning and Podcast are all good things that could be adapted into the library system, they would all be helpful to the staff. All are easy to access and a good way to communicate with everyone on a daily basis, we would be able to keep up with current events better, find out what is going on in other agencies, advertise the programs that each agency will be having and even have discussion to get problems solved in a timely manner, all more exciting to log into than the regular email or message boards.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Podcasting to me is a different avenue for audio communication. Looking at "Dekalb County Library" and "Denver Public Library" both were interesting and informative I understood it so I think it was laid out well. Podcast is an easy and convenient way to get all of the information you want, when you want it without feeling left out. I think for the library at lot of people that are home bound would benefit greatly from this, they can now enjoy reading, keeping up with the news and listening to their favorite music, if they have a computer, mp3 player or other audio devices. They also would not have to keep up with materials checkout as well. It would be all at their finger tip.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The youtube sites I visited were "Libraries 2010", "No cookies in the library--classic Sesame Street" and "Texas Reading Club..deep in the heart of Texas"the first was telling about the future things that the library will have...definitely more technology...the second was getting children interested in going to the library to read books with cookie monster as an eye catcher...the third was introducing reading doing the summer by participating in the Texas reading club...where not only are there books to read, but puppet shows, films to see, music to listen to just fun entertainment for the summer and there after. Youtube could also show inside and outside of their local libraries so that people can actually see what the library looks like and how they are set up.....some libraries are inviting.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Google doc

I actually understood google doc and enjoyed working with it. It is definitely easier to share it with someone than to send it as an attachment. I found that the power point presentation was a lot easier than the past one's that I have done. I plan to work with it more, so that it will become a regular part of my daily routine when it comes to sending out attachments or sharing information.

Wiki 23 things

I am familar with wikipedia coming up when i search an item, now I know more about it and find it to be very helpful. Not quite sure I get the concept behind wetpaint, it was easy once I got the hang of adding pages, that is another one that will require me to work with a little more.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This "thing" can"t quite make it out, but I did enjoy putting in phrases and finding articles on that subject, I think with a little more time spent on it, I will understand it better.